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Tax Free shopping in Holland

If you live outside the European Union and make a purchase in Holland, you are entitled to a VAT refund in many cases. The conditions are that the item purchased is for personal use and that you export it, unused and in your cabin baggage, to your own country within three months following the month in which it was purchased. The minimum amount specified on the invoice is €50 in Holland.

  • Ask for a tax refund
  • Shop till you drop
  • Save on what you buy

How does it work?

When making your purchase, ask for a Tax Free form. Complete the form. If you do not enter all of the requested information on the form, you will not receive a refund. Collect all your sales receipts and completed forms.

When you leave Holland, make sure to request a stamp from Customs to prove that you exported the product you purchased. You will not receive a refund without a stamp.

Please note! A refund form must be stamped by Customs within 3 months following the month in which the purchase was made. For instance, any product purchased on 26 May must be exported in your personal baggage by 31 August at the latest.

Once validated by Customs, forms relating to a purchase in Holland are valid for an unlimited period of time.

It is easy to organize your tax refund when you get to the airport prior to leaving. You can do this at one of the tax-refund organizations. There is also a tax-free lounge at the exclusive De Bijenkorf department store on the Dam in Amsterdam. Here, visitors from outside the EU can apply for a tax refund for purchases made in De Bijenkorf.

Shopping in Holland

Many people like to fit in an afternoon of shopping during their stay in Holland. While one person likes fashion, shoes and jewellery, another loves art and design and yet another prefers literature and music. Fortunately Holland has countless special shops for each of them.

Outlet shopping and tax free

Holland has a number of outlet centers offering up to 70% discount on designer fashion and luxury products. Do you live outside the EU? Outlet shopping will be even better because in addition to the discounts, you can also apply for a tax refund. The outlet centers are located throughout the country: Bataviastad in Lelystad, Designer Outlet in Roermond, and Rosada Outlet in Roosendaal.

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