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Scheveningen New Year’s Dive

Jan. 1, 2024, Scheveningen

Celebrate the new year with a typical Dutch tradition: a new year’s dive. There are over 200 locations in the Netherlands where you can jump into the sea or a lake.

  • Scheveningen has been the top location for this Dutch tradition since 1965.
  • Join some 10,000 people and go for a fresh New Year’s dive.
  • Enjoy sweet hot chocolate or Dutch pea soup afterwards.

New Year’s tradition

The tradition started in 1965 when a swim club decided to start the year fresh with a plunge in the sea. The new year’s dive received national attention after a big soup brand decided to sponsor it. From that moment on, the amount of participants and locations has increased every year.

Start the year fresh

The new year’s dive is cold, bold and the best way to start the year fresh. The largest dive is held at the beach of Scheveningen, where 10.000 people plunge into the sea each year. This spectacle is also great to watch from the sideline.

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