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Giethoorn walking tour (4.3km)

Enjoy this wonderful walking tour through picturesque Giethoorn. Walk past the beautiful thatched-roof farm houses with their lovely hydrangeas and watch the boats and the water from the characteristic wooden bridges.

  • Go for a walk through Giethoorn.
  • Enjoy the farms, bridges and water.
  • Have a refreshment on one of the terraces.

Start pedestrian itinerary

This walking tour follows a circular route and you can start at any point. Follow the yellow arrows on the posts of the hiking network.

Route description

The walking tour passes right through the picturesque center of Giethoorn. The thatched-roof farm houses with their beautifully arranged gardens lie along the village canal. If you love hydrangeas, you won’t know where to look! Most farms can only be accessed by boat or via one of the countless characteristic wooden bridges. There are pleasant terraces and restaurants by the waterside. The farmers used to transport their cows, milk churns and hay over the water in flat-bottomed wooden boats called ‘punters’.

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Watch this video: Giethoorn

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