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Weerribben walking tour (12km)

Start your hike at Buitencentrum De Weerribben. From this outdoor center, follow the yellow arrows on the posts of the hiking network.

  • Walk straight through De Weerribben.
  • Admire the windmills and landscape.
  • Enjoy the beautiful natural environment.

Route description

Along the Kalenbergergracht, the tour passes straight through De Weerribben. The water flows into the countless ditches and canals of the National Park on both sides of the canal. The windmills you see dotted throughout the landscape are important to reed culture. They bring water onto the land, so the reed keeps growing.

The reed is cut in winter, serving to thatch the roofs of the village houses. In the past, the peat-cutters’ families lived in the small houses along the route. The peat was dug up and used as fuel. This is how the landscape of De Weerribben with its straight canals emerged.

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