Colored Dutch sky with clouds behind windmill in typical Dutch landscape
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Holland Stories

The Netherlands is full of stories that tell you more about our country’s rich history, culture, and destinations. Van Gogh and the Golden Age are examples, but flowers and water are also intimately interwoven with our nation’s existence. The stories will guide you through the entire country – an easy feat because travelling in the Netherlands is quick and easy. It is a perfect way to discover a lot in a short space of time. Read the 10 stories and get inspired to visit one of the countless special places in the Netherlands.

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Story: Water

Water flows through the lifes of the Dutch. A strong connection that was forged throughout history.

Florist in a flower shop
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Holland is the place to go to be inspired by beautiful flowers. Visit Keukenhof, with over 7 million flower bulbs, the flower parades, the floating flower market in Amsterdam, or take a walk through the beautiful flower bulb fields.

Museum MORE & Kasteel Ruurlo
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Dutch castles and country estates

Admire the history and grandeur of Dutch castles. Visit centuries-old castles and country estates.

Lady on bench in Westfries museum in Hoorn
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Local guide: Travel back to the Dutch Era

Discover how the Netherlands became a world power in the 17th century with masterful painting, historic cities and scientific breakthroughs.

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Dutch Food and Cuisine

Holland is home to many great restaurants, excellent chefs and regional produce of high, internationally recognised quality. Taste and discover the pure, delicious and honest cuisine of Holland.