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Read more about the history of Holland here: the love-hate relationship between its people and its waters, its monarchy, its Royal Family and more facts, figures and did-you-knows about Holland.

Traditional Dutch Food

Discover Dutch cuisine and prepare the tastiest and most popular Dutch dishes at home.

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King’s Day

Read all about King’s Day and visit the best parties, markets and music shows.

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Progressive Holland

The faces behind Holland.com

We are the people who take pleasure in offering you the best and latest information for a wonderful holiday in Holland, day in day out. Pleased to meet you!

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On the Liberation Route, you can learn more about the Second World War in numerous places.

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Holland is part of the Netherlands and is also used as a synonym for the Netherlands. Read more about Holland vs Netherlands here.

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The Netherlands is a constitutional monarchy, which means that the Netherlands has a prime minister. The Head of State is King Willem-Alexander.

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Some municipalities still showcase costumes, although this is more for the purpose of folklore rather than a daily tradition. You can be photographed in local costume in Volendam.

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No, we do not have brochures. On our site you can find all relevant information and inspiration for a visit to the Netherlands.

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The Netherlands has a tolerant drug policy. All drugs are banned, but smoking cannabis is tolerated under strict conditions.

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According to Time Higher Education World University Rankings in 2017, these Dutch colleges/universities are on the list:

1. Delft University of Technology

2. University of Amsterdam

3. Wageningen University

4. Erasmus University Rotterdam

5. Leiden University

6. University of Groningen

7. Utrecht University

8. Maastricht University

9. Radboud University Nijmegen

10. University of Twente