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Westland Boat Parade

2 Jul - 5 Jul, Naaldwijk

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The Westland Boat Parade (Varend Corso Westland) is a festive spectacle on the water in the first weekend of August. Dozens of boats are decorated with flowers and vegetables, with a theme that changes annually. Together they form a colorful sailing flower parade that passes through the Westland region for three days. It is a unique event that draws over 500,000 visitors every year.

  • Join 500,000 other visitors and see local produce from the Westland presented in spectacular fashion.
  • Cycle along the route and watch the parade in different places.
  • Book your accommodations in time so you can spend the night near the parade.

The itinerary of the Westland Boat Parade

The parade with its beautifully decorated boats sails through Naaldwijk, Maassluis, The Hague and Delft, among other cities. Countless activities, such as markets and music performances, are organized along the route of the Westland Boat Parade. You can also cycle along the route; the organization plans several itineraries every year. 

The Westland

The Boat Parade presents local produce from the Westland in spectacular fashion. The region is famous for its glasshouse horticulture, with millions of vegetables, fruits, plants and flowers produced every year. Each boat looks as wonderful as the next, decorated with hundreds of flowers, plants and fruits from the Westland region.


The Westland is a beautiful region to spend a few days. Visit the cities through which the parade passes. Spend the night at the coast in Hoek van Holland or the beautiful historic cities of Delft and The Hague.

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