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In the 17th century, three painters from Utrecht traveled to Rome. They wanted to see the work of the famous painter Caravaggio (1571–1610) with their own eyes. This exhibition at the Centraal Museum in Utrecht puts Caravaggio’s followers in the ‘limelight’. Moreover, fantastic works by Caravaggio are on display in Holland for the very first time.

  • See the extraordinary The Entombment of Christ, which will be on show at the museum for just four weeks. Caravaggio’s Medusa will be on display from 15 January.
  • See original Caravaggios in addition to the work of his followers and discover their inspiration.
  • The exhibition encompasses seventy masterpieces, over sixty of which are on loan.

Caravaggisti from Utrecht

The exhibition focuses on the experiences of three Caravaggisti from Utrecht, to wit Gerard van Honthorst, Dirck van Baburen and Hendrick ter Brugghen. They traveled to Rome to see Caravaggio’s work with their own eyes. The exhibition shows their best paintings next to those from their European contemporaries and the great Caravaggio himself. You will be able to admire as many as seventy international masterpieces, including works owned by the Vatican Museums, the Louvre, and the National Gallery of Art in Washington.

Journey to Rome in the seventeenth century

In the seventeenth century, three painters from Utrecht (Gerard van Honthorst, Dirck van Baburen, and Hendrick ter Brugghen) went on an adventure. They were determined to see Caravaggio’s work with their own eyes and walked the entire way to Rome. With his realistic and dramatic paintings full of exciting contrasts between light and dark, Caravaggio’s fame as a pioneer in the art of painting had traveled far beyond Italy. He inspired artists around the world. His influence, and the impact of their journey on the three Caravaggisti from Utrecht, are the theme around which the exhibition develops.

Three original Caravaggios in Holland for the first time

The Entombment of Christ by Caravaggio will be on display in Holland for the very first time. The Vatican has loaned the work to the Centraal Museum as an exceptional gesture of goodwill towards the exhibition. The Entombment of Christ will be part of the exhibition for just four weeks. After 15 January, Caravaggio’s Medusa will be on loan from a private collection. The third work by Caravaggio is Saint Jerome in Meditation, another painting never before shown in Holland. This work will be on display for the entire duration of the exhibition. A free audio tour is available for the exhibition and provides a lot of background information about the works on display.

Centraal Museum Utrecht

The Centraal Museum in Utrecht is one of the oldest city museums in Holland. In addition to paintings by the Caravaggisti from Utrecht, it also boasts illustrations by Dick Bruna, the creator of Miffy, as well as the world’s biggest Gerrit Rietveld collection. In short, the Centraal Museum is an absolute must see during your stay in Utrecht.

For the duration of Utrecht, Caravaggio and Europe, the museum’s opening hours are extended and ticket prices are different. The exhibition can be visited in specific time windows and your time of arrival will be strictly observed. Please check the Centraal Museum’s website for changed opening hours and ticket prices.

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Exhibition Utrecht, Caravaggio and Europe
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