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Festival Classique

14 Jun - 23 Jun, Scheveningen

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Scheveningen transforms into a large open-air concert hall for Festival Classique. Enjoy classical music in an open and inspiring atmosphere and discover the many wonders of The Hague at the beach during this delightful summer festival.

© CC-NC Maurice Haak (Haags Uitburo)
  • Enjoy classical music on and around Scheveningen’s central square.
  • Free events and activities.
  • Magical atmosphere and unique locations.

Classical music for all

The Festival Classique shows that classical music will enrich everyone’s life. It boasts a unique program, aiming to introduce the greatest possible number of people to classical music. The programs and locations are completely different from the usual classical music festival. In places where you do not expect it, the festival becomes a full immersion experience. Let yourself be surprised by the different types of art, such as dance, theater, movies, and classical music.

Free entertainment

In addition to the paid concerts, for which you can buy tickets online or at the festival desk, you can also listen to free concerts at Gevers Deynootplein square in the weekend. These concerts are enjoyable for the entire family.

Spending the night in Scheveningen

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