National Mill Day


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The second Saturday and Sunday in May is National Mill Day in Holland. On that day 950 windmills and watermills open their doors to visitors. For centuries, mills have played an important role in reclaiming land, processing raw materials and manufacturing products. Mills barely have any economic value these days, but they are iconic for Holland and still attract a great deal of attention.

  • Over 900 mills open their doors to you during Molendag (Mill Day).
  • Experience this iconic and historical heritage yourself.
  • Find out which mill serves what purpose.

Visit a mill

Visit one of 950 mills that open their doors on National Mill Day. Millers make a real effort to decorate their mills as beautifully as possible with flags and flowers. A miller will take you on a tour, providing a good explanation of the type of mill you are visiting. It could happen that you will be asked to give the miller a hand in turning the sails. Fun activities are often organised for children, allowing them to become familiar with the miller’s trade in a playful way.

Go on a mill bike tour

There is no better day to discover Dutch mills than on National Mill Day. The best way to visit these Dutch icons in May is on a bicycle. At a VVV Tourist Information Office, ask about bicycle routes that will take you past the most beautiful mills.

Although National Mill Day is a free event, a small contribution towards maintenance is always appreciated.

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National Mill Day
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