Poetry International Rotterdam

28 May - 2 Jun, Rotterdam

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Since its inception in 1970, the Poetry International Festival in Rotterdam has grown into one of the major poetry festivals in the world. The festival lasts for several days in which you can listen to some of the world’s greatest poets, read their poems and join debates and special programs.

  • Attention for good poetry from Holland and abroad.
  • Almost 50 years in Rotterdam.
  • Listen to the best poets from around the world.

Exchange Poetry

The goal of the Poetry International Festival is to call attention to good poetry from home and abroad and promote the international exchange between poets, poetry translators, connoisseurs and enthusiasts. The poetry festival has a different theme each year.

International Poets

The Poetry International Festival in Rotterdam offers you the opportunity to meet the best poets in the world. While they recite their work on stage in front of a large audience or in an intimate setting, you only need to sit back and enjoy.

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