Winter sports the Dutch way -
Winter in Holland

Winter sports the Dutch way

The holidays are over. You have made your New Year’s resolutions and it is time for some healthy sports. Winter sports, of course! Holland offers plenty of opportunities to enjoy winter sports in the snow or on the ice. Outside in nature as soon as the winter weather really starts or indoor as long as we have no natural snow and ice.

  • Start the new year with some action!
  • Cross-country skiing tours through the dunes.
  • Indoor winter fun in Holland.


The dunes along the Dutch coast are a perfect environment for cross-country skiing as soon as an adequate amount snow has fallen. Which happens pretty much every winter at least. The sandy dunes near Noordwijk or Bergen are transformed into a beautiful snowy winter sports region.

If no snow has fallen by the time you get here, there are many indoor ski slopes with excellent facilities. You can usually take a ski or snowboard lesson, rent equipment and in most places you can also enjoy a great cheese fondue or bracing drink to recover from your efforts.

...or ice-skating?

Ice-skating is of course a quintessentially Dutch activity. It is always most enjoyable on natural ice, crossing frozen lakes and canals while enjoying the beautiful landscape. However, if the weather is not cold enough for nature ice, you can always go for a skate on one of the many indoor ice rinks. Book your trip now and explore Dutch winter sports.

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