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Museum Speelklok

Museum Speelklok is without a doubt the most musical museum of the world. The collection contains carillon clocks, musical boxes, Flötenuhren, pianolas, the singing nightingale, orchestrions including the famous Violina, and street, fairground and dance organs.

  • The most fun museum in Holland!
  • Be surprised at the self-playing musical instruments.
  • Guided tours are available every hour.

Musical Tours

Guided tours set out through Museum Speelklok to show you all the amazing features of its musical collection every hour. The musical repertoire varies from Viennese waltzes and tangos to tear-jerkers and the very latest hits. Feel free to sing along with the guides and to dance with each other.

Cheer Up in Utrecht

You will feel fantastic after a visit to the most cheerful museum in Holland. Apart from the songs and music, the museum offers you new insights in the skills and craftsmanship behind the musical boxes. Museum Speelklok is located near the Dom Tower.

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