Westenschouwen, Zeeland
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Beaches of Zeeland

Did you know that the province of has no less than 650 kilometers of coastline? You’ll find various beaches there that promise fun for young and old.

  • Take a walk through nature along the most beautiful of natural beaches.
  • Let you kids play safely at the best family beaches.
  • Enjoy water sports at challenging water sports beaches.

Natural beaches

There is much to see on a walk along a natural beach: unique plants, such as sea holly and sea fennel, and animals like the nightingale and highland cattle. Natural beaches can be found at ’t Oude Vuur at Nieuw-Haamstede, Domeinen 3 at Wenstenschouden, Kievitte at Cadzand-Bad, ’t Zwin at Retranchement and Zwarte Polder at Nieuwvliet-Bad. Special tips: at ’t Zwin you can find ancient shark’s teeth. At Zwarte Polder, you can take a guided tour.

Family beaches

Zeeland is famous for its beautiful, safe, clean beaches. The family beaches have playing facilities for children, and lifeguards keep a sharp eye out to ensure safety. Good choices for family beaches are at Ouddorp, Cadzand, Oostkapelle. At Cadzand and Oostkapelle, surfing is also permitted. And if you’re lucky, you might spot some seals at low tide at Ouddorp.

Water sports beaches

Are you a lover of water sports? Then Zeeand has everything your heart desires. Blokarting, surfing, wakeboarding and kitesurfing – in Zeeland, you’ll find the best spots and a broad range of schools offering lessons and materials. The Brouwersdam is the most popular place among water sporters. It’s easy to reach, and the waves are almost always high. At Domburg, wind, kite and regular surfers have all the space they need and large waves, which is also the case at Watergat beach at Renesse. Scholderlaan beach, also at Renesse, is particularly suited to extreme water sports like power kitesurfing. At Duinstrand beach, Vlissingen, you can surf, and sailing and motor boats are also permitted.

Surfing and kitesurfing schools in Zeeland

Whether you have little experience or none at all, Zeeland has many schools to teach you how to surf. You can also rent materials there.

1. Zeil- en surfcentrum Brouwersdam Address: Ossenhoek 1, Ouddorp

2. Xwatersport/Movement, kite and windsurfing Address: Sophiaboulevard, Kamperland

3. Surfschool Domburg Address: Strandovergang 49, Domburg

4. Schotsman watersportcentrum, water skiing– wakeboarding – stand up paddle Address: Campensweg 3, Kamperland

5. Beware Beach Address: Strandpaviljoen Brouw, Brouwersdam

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