Westenschouwen, Zeeland
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Beaches of Zeeland

Zeeland is a paradise for beach lovers! The vast golden sandy beaches of Zeeland are among the cleanest, safest and most beautiful in the Netherlands. This Dutch province gets more sunshine than any other during the summer and with over 650 kilometres of diverse beaches, you'll always find a spot that's perfect for you. On top of this, the beaches of Zeeland have been awarded the prestigious blue flag, an international environmental award awarded annually to beaches and marinas that have proven to be particularly clean and safe.

  • Stroll along the beautiful, clean beaches of Zeeland.
  • Enjoy unique scenery, water sports and views of the Oosterschelde storm surge barrier.
  • Explore the beautiful, unspoiled nature near the beaches.

Unspoiled nature beaches

Cadzand-Bad is the southernmost seaside resort in the Netherlands. Located near the Belgian border, it is surrounded by dunes, vast polders and nature reserves. One such nature reserve is ‘t Zwin, with its mud flats, salt marshes and dunes. It offers plenty of opportunities for walking, cycling and exploring nature and you might get lucky and find shark teeth that are millions of years old. The Domeinen 3 nature beach is right next to Westerschouwen Forest, where you will find a mountain bike trail and signposted walks. The water off the coast of Schouwen is part of the Voordelta nature reserve. It’s home to many birds, fish and seals, which can be seen at the ’t Oude Vuur nature beach at the Kop van Schouwen.

Family beaches

In addition to nature beaches, there are also beautiful family beaches in Zeeland. First on the list is Oostkapelle, an authentic Zeeland family seaside resort. It is located in the Manteling nature reserve and the Oranjezon dune and water extraction area. Just like the rest of the Walcheren region, it is known for its characteristic groynes and colourful beach huts. Cadzand as quiet nature beaches and fun family beaches. This unique Zeeland Flanders coastal town has plenty of open spaces in which to relax and unwind. The 10-kilometre-long coastline runs from the mouth of the Westerschelde, near Breskens, to 't Zwin nature reserve.

Sleeper cottages on Groede beach

Breezand is the widest beach in Zeeland. One side of the beach is peaceful and quiet – even on the hottest days – and the other side is a great spot for kite surfing with the added bonus of a view of the impressive Oosterschelde storm surge barrier. Banjaard beach is known for its natural beauty. The beach stretches over a long coastline and offers a beautiful view of the North Sea. The wide sandy beaches, dunes and clear blue water make it a pleasant and peaceful destination for beach lovers. It also has a lot of shallow water, making it a very child-friendly beach.

Water sports

A person supping in Zeeland

The beach at the Hoge Hilt dune crossing is also known as the "Zeeland Riviera" and is one of the beaches near the village of Zoutelande. The nickname is mainly due to its sheltered location and it’s the ideal beach for water sports enthusiasts. Another plus is the number of hours of sunshine this beach gets. Nolle beach is one of the most well-known and beloved beaches in the region. It has a fantastic view of the Westerschelde estuary, meaning you can enjoy watching large sea-going ships, sailboats and other vessels passing by. This gives the beach its own unique character and creates a lively maritime atmosphere. The combination of a peaceful atmosphere, beautiful natural surroundings, the view of the Westerschelde and the various water sports options make Nolle beach a very special destination in Zeeland.


Lighthouse at the beach in Ouddorp

Ouddorp is a seaside resort at the tip of the island of Goeree-Overflakkee. Located in the southern part of the Dutch province of South Holland, many people think it is part of Zeeland because it is so close by. Although not technically located in the province, Ouddorp does feel a lot more like Zeeland than the rest of South Holland. This is mainly because Ouddorp is located on the beach and only a 15-minute drive from Zeeland. The Ouddorp beach is vast and quiet and offers more than 17 kilometres of space for sun worshipers and water sports enthusiasts.

Low & high tide

The water level of the sea rises and falls twice a day due to the attractive force of the moon and the sun. At high tide the water is high, while at low tide it is low. At these moments you can literally walk on the seabed in some places.

Low tide or high tide Brouwersdam? This is low tide.
Low tide or high tide Brouwersdam? This is high tide.

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