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Attractions in Delft

It does not matter whether you are young or old – Delft has something to offer visitors of all ages. The attractions vary from a canal tour, the many markets and an introduction to the amazing technology showcased at Delft University of Technology. Delft is a great destination for everyone.
Delft Canal with bikes and trees
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Canals of Delft

The canals of Delft served as defense and lifelines throughout the city.

Delft city centre market
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Markets in Delft

Find some souvenirs and buy the best food at the lovely markets in Delft.

Enjoy a day filled with blue-tinged dreams and awe-inspiring history at Royal Delft Experience.

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Delft City Hall

Delft City Hall is one of the city’s landmarks.

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Museums in Delft

There are many museums in Delft; you can probably find a museum for every icon of the town. Discover Delft’s cultural heritage by visiting one or more of its museums.

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A Day in Delft

Experience a day in Delft with an itinerary that includes all the highlights and a wealth of tips.

A charming museum with beautiful 17th century art and Delftware, and a historical site of Prince William of Orange.

From the birthplace of Vermeer to rustic cabins, find an unforgettable stay in and around Delft.

Your visit to Delft won’t be complete if you have not seen both the New and Old Church.

Culinary tips Delft

Check out these 5 hotspots for brunch, lunch and snacks in Delft.

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You can enjoy an excellent meal in Delft! Here is a taster with 10 culinary tips and places to be.

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Vermeer & Delft

Delft Vermeer Centrum interpretation Girl with a Pearl Earring
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Vermeer Centre Delft

Meet the master of light.