Nijntje Pleintje

Children around the world grew up listening to her stories: Nijntje, who is called Miffy in English. Miffy has made her creator and artist Dick Bruna one of the most famous people from Utrecht. So it makes sense for Utrecht to have named a square after the little white rabbit: the Nijntje Pleintje or Miffy Square.

  • Take a selfie with Miffy’s statue.
  • Cross the road at the world’s one and only Miffy traffic light.
  • Don’t forget to visit the Miffy Museum in Utrecht.

Miffy statue

Miffy’s statue stands on Nijntje Pleintje at the beginning of the Van Asch van Wijckskade, just outside the city centre. The statue was created by Dick Bruna’s son, Marc Bruna, and is as perfect in all its simplicity as the Miffy drawings.

Miffy traffic lights

Not many people know there are also Miffy traffic lights in Utrecht. The lights on the Lange Vliestraat have real ‘Miffies’ to show when you can cross the street.

Editor's pick

Are you a huge fan of Miffy, who is called ‘Nijntje’ in Dutch? Don’t forget to visit the Miffy Museum in Utrecht. This is a great museum for families with small children.

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