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When people think of Zandvoort, they think of two things: the beach and the race track. Circuit Zandvoort (Zandvoort Racetrack) is uniquely situated in the dunes. It is considered to be one of the best tracks in Holland, which challenges the skills of every driver.

  • Visit Circuit Zandvoort and experience one of the fantastic races.
  • Rent a fast sports car and go for a couple of laps on the track.
  • See how the best race drivers tackle the ‘Tarzan corner’.
Burgemeester van Alphenstraat 108
2041KP Zandvoort
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Historic race track

With its unique location amid the sand dunes, Circuit Zandvoort was one of the places where the all-time greats competed in the Formula 1 races until 1985. The first race was held in 1948, at the time called the Grand Prix of Zandvoort. Starting in 1952, the Grand Prix of the Netherlands was held almost annually as part of the official Formula 1 World Championship. The last Grand Prix ever held on the race track in Zandvoort was won by Niki Lauda.

After 35 years, the royal class in automotive sports is set to return to Zandvoort in 2020 under the name Heineken Dutch Grand Prix.

Tarzan corner

Circuit Zandvoort is famous for its fast, exciting and hard corners and challenging 15-meter altitude difference. The Tarzan corner is the most infamous corner in the track. It is the first corner after the straight run, and with its 180 degree turn it is one of the best spots for an exciting overtaking maneuver.

Facts of the Track

The motorsport race track is especially well-known for its fast and fearsome, sweeping bends. There’s also a elevation difference of no less than fifteen meters. The last Formula One World Championship at Circuit Zandvoort was held in 1985. Nowadays, many races and other activities are still held at the track, and make a visit worth your time.

Motorsport Fans

Motorsport fans should definitely check out the program at the Zandvoort Racetrack. There are also days on which you can test your driving skills and the circuit for a reasonable price. Combine the beach with some motorsport action on a daytrip to Zandvoort.

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