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Cycle the Flood Route (61 km)

This cycling route combines the awe-inspiring story of the North Sea Flood with fresh air by the waters and visits to beautiful places on Schouwen-Duiveland. During your trip, take the time to enjoy some Zeeland delicacies.

  • Discover how the Dutch have been living with the waters for centuries
  • Come have a taste! Zeeland is famous for its mussels, oysters and lobster
  • Cycle past Nationaal Park Oosterschelde at the Flood Museum

Flood Museum

Naturally, this trip includes the Flood Museum (Watersnoodmusem). There, you can see how the past, present and future of the Dutch meet the water. Be sure to cycle through the gorgeous nature of the Krekengebied (Creek Area) around the museum.

The taste of Zeeland

The dikes at Bruinisse are a great place to catch a great lungful of fresh air. Enjoy the view and the boats on the water and make a stop in Bruinisse to enjoy a gastronomic bite. This place has a rich history in mussel fishing, so small wonder that it is one of Zeeland‘s most famous mussel villages.

Picturesque villages and towns

Other characteristic villages that you will encounter along the way are Dreischor, Zonnemaire and Noordgouwe. And if you wish, you could make a side trip to Brouwershaven, once an important place in the sailing and marine trade world, which you can still see in its gorgeous town hall and the large Saint Nicholas’ Church.


  • Number of kilometers: 61
  • Starting and ending point: The route can be started at any node and can be cycled in two parts by going from node 68 to node 62.
  • Cycling nodes: 09, 02, 69, 64, 65, 66, 67, 68, 60, 95, 94, 61, 62, 04, 03, 10, 01, 09

The addresses you’ll pass on the way

  • Flood Museum: Weg van de Buitenlandse Pers 5, 4305 RJ Ouwerkerk, T +31 (0)111 644 382

Cycling node network

Find out how simply Holland’s cycling note network works here.

Editors’ tip

During your stay in Zeeland, you simply can’t afford to miss out on a visit to the Delta Works, the largest storm surge barrier in the world, and Deltapark Neeltje Jans.

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