Bring yourself, we'll do the same

In the Netherlands, you can be yourself and become who you want to become. Visitors who embrace the experience and go with the flow will fit right in, which makes your time here richer and more rewarding. Meet the many faces of the Netherlands here and experience a truly warm welcome.

Bring yourself; we’ll do the same.

Dutch Design

Did you know that Dutch Design is so much more than a strange lamp or quirky chair? Explore several Dutch designers who shape contemporary Dutch Design through their constant drive to experiment and innovate. Thinking in solutions is deeply rooted in Dutch culture. And these designers are living proof of that.

Portrait Ashardeen Sultan
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Ashardeen Sultan

Ashardeen Sultan knows what it’s like to be poor and forgotten, that’s why he designed ‘Spelelementen’, therapeutic toys for children in asylum seekers centers.

Portraitphoto Jalila Essaidi working in the lab
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Jalila Essaïdi

Bulletproof skin and clothing made of manure. Jalila Essaïdi uses futuristic bio-design to create innovative solutions to big problems.

Portraitphoto Job Smeets makes at bronze statue makes rabbit ears
Category: Bring yourself

Studio Job

Unique, compelling, mostly bronze, and often bizarre. Artist Job Smeets of Studio Job became world famous by stretching the boundaries of Dutch design.

Portraitphoto Elten Kiene in green suite with yellow hat
Category: Bring yourself

Elten Kiene

Elten Kiene is a spoken word artist in Rotterdam. A creative dreamer with positive intentions, he discusses his journey thus far with gratitude and confidence.

Portraitphoto Bob Hendrikx of Studio Hendrikx
Category: Bring yourself

Bob Hendrikx

Discover the living coffins made of mold. For inventor Bob Hendrikx, this is a step towards a society where people give back more to nature.

Urban Reef portrait of Pierre Oskam and Max Latour
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Urban Reef

Urban Reefs are sculptures in cities on which nature can run its course. Designers Max and Pierre want to repair the balance between man and nature.

Castles & Country Houses

The Dutch castles and country estates are more than just beautiful relics from the past. Even today these majestic icons fulfill an important role in our culture. Meet the people who live with the Dutch castles and keep them relevant by giving them a modern twist in all sorts of ways.

Jeroen Simonis walks in front of Huis Doorn
Category: Bring yourself

A slice of world history in Doorn

How did the exiled German Emperor Wilhelm II spend the last 20 years of his life? Jeroen welcomes you to the manor house where time has stood still since 1941.

aul Hoogstraten paints red white door
Category: Bring yourself

Painting a pretty picture of monumental castles

De Haar Castle is the largest and most beautiful castle in the Netherlands. Paul Hoogstraten grew up with the castle and is now in charge of all the paintwork.

Sietse van Berkel with bicycle in courtyard
Category: Bring yourself

The two castles of the Dutch Water Line

BMX athlete Sietse van Berkel seeks inspiration from contrasting juxtapositions as he bikes around the ancient castles of the centuries-old Dutch Water Line.

Meet the Hanseatic people

Meet the Hanseatics people and experience the hospitality that will make you feel like one of us right away. See how the spirit of commerce ensures that both the people and the cities are closely linked, and immerse yourself together with them in all the beauty that our Hanseatic cities have to offer.

Egbert Scheffer posing for graffiti work
Category: Bring yourself

Street art in ancient Deventer

Well-known for its historic center, the ancient Hanseatic city of Deventer is getting an edgy twist thanks to Egbert Scheffer’s modern street art initiative.

Judith Elders against building with red door
Category: Bring yourself

The old and the new come together in Zwolle

Discover how rich history and modern life merge in the Hanseatic city of Zwolle. Judith Elders knows all the best places to visit.

Roy Kappert with tray
Category: Bring yourself

A flavor of the Hansa at De Waag in Doesburg

Get a taste of the Hanseatic cities. Roy Kappert is the owner of De Waag in Doesburg and knows the flavors of the region like nobody else.

Cycling Lifestyle

Cycling. It is deeply anchored in the Dutch DNA. But why is that? Why is cycling so inextricably linked to us? Hop on the back and travel along with the special people who breathe our cycling culture. These Dutch people live by bicycle and teach others about their cycling passion. And like true pioneers, they shape the future of cycling.

Greener Cities

Join us for a visit with the Dutch people who are shaping the green cities of tomorrow, ranging from climate-neutral cooking to sustainable art and from urban agriculture to green hotels. These pioneering people are leading the way to a sustainable future full of green cities.

Get inspired

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Cycling Lifestyle – How the Dutch spend their lives on bikes

Everyone cycles in the Netherlands – everywhere and all the time. Read our special cycling stories, meet cycling pioneers, and hop on a bike yourself to experience the Netherlands like a local.

Category: Story

Greener Cities – The green cities of tomorrow

Join us as we travel to the cities of tomorrow and discover how the Netherlands keeps innovating to make its cities greener, more sustainable, and more livable.