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Dark Sky Park Lauwers­meer

Visit Lauwersmeer National Park at night and roam the national reserve in total darkness. It’s a Dark Sky Park, which welcomes visitors at night as well as during the day, allowing them to see nature in the dark. A Dark Sky site in Holland is extraordinary, since Holland is one of the countries with the highest light pollution in the world.

  • One of two Dark Sky Parks in Holland.
  • Experience nature in total darkness.
  • Some days, you can even see the aurora in the Lauwersmeer area.

The world’s darkest places

With the title Dark Sky Park, Lauwersmeer National Park is one of the world’s darkest places. Here, you can experience nature in the dark. There are 41 of these parks around the world, protecting the darkness to ensure minimum impact on nature. Many animals depend on the darkness that is supposed to reign during the night. Truly dark places are becoming increasingly rare however, due to increasing lighting at night in the West.

Star lit sky

One perfect reason to visit Dark Sky Park Lauwersmeer is the beautifully clear star lit sky. Since there is no light coming from below and the Wadden region is the place with the least amount of light pollution in Holland, you can even see the Northern Lights sometimes.

Watch this Video: Dark Skypark

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