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Commemorate the war, celebrate freedom

On 4 May every year, Holland commemorates the victims of WWII, as well as those who died in later peace missions. The entire nation celebrates its freedom on 5 May. Operation Market Garden and the Battle of the Scheldt are commemorated in September and October.

Sloedam herdenking
Sloedam herdenking
  • Holland commemorates war victims on May 4th, and on May 5th we celebrate our right to freedom.
  • Visit the commemoration of Operation Market Garden and the Battle of the Scheldt in September and October.
  • Memorials and celebrations take place throughout the country.

Sloedam - Arnemuiden commemoration

Every year, the victims of the early days of the War and the Battle of Sloedam are commemorated on the Sloedam. You can visit the commemorative site to remember and honor the dead at various monuments distributed across the commemorative site. 

Lichtjesroute – Eindhoven

When the Allied forces reached Eindhoven in 1944, they were welcomed by lights behind the windows. Every year, the Lichtjesroute (lightroute) honors the liberation forces in September. Lights in every shape and size transform the city.

Sunset March - Nijmegen

Since the new bridge called ‘De Oversteek’ (the Crossing) was opened near Nijmegen, one veteran crosses the bridge at sunset every day. It is to honor the 48 American soldiers who died when the Waal river was crossed. The 48 lights on the bridge are lit up one by one, the veteran and other participants follow at the speed of the lights. You can also cross the bridge any other time of day since it offers a wonderful view of the area and the bridges that were conquered by the Allied forces.

Sunset March

Airborne March - Oosterbeek

The Airborne March is the world’s biggest one day hiking event, which is held early in September every year. It is a sportive tribute to the more than 1,700 British and Polish forces who died in the Battle of Arnhem.

Airborne Walktour

Commemoration of the Battle of Arnhem – Arnhem

Every year in the period from 17 to 26 September, the people in and around the city commemorate the Battle of Arnhem. One of the highlights is the ceremony at the foot of the John Frost Bridge to commemorate the Allied soldiers who fell here. The ceremony is held on the first Friday night of this period. Even today British and Polish veterans travel to Arnhem to participate in this impressive, crowded tribute. 

Bridge to Liberation Experience - Arnhem

The Bridge to Liberation Experience starts immediately after the commemorative event at the foot of the John Frost Bridge. It is a wonderful and innovative event with movies and live music to commemorate the Battle of Arnhem in 1944. Experience the show from the Rijnkade, with impressive personal stories about Arnhem during the war.

Paradropping and Ginkelse Heath commemoration - Ede

The day after the event in Arnhem, on the first Saturday in the period from 17 to 26 September, the Airborne paradroppings of September 1944 are commemorated on the Ginkelse Heide near Ede. Hundreds of parachutists are dropped over the Ginkelse Heide before and after the crowded tribute event near the sheep pen.

Liberation Concert - Margraten

All of the fallen American soldiers are commemorated in September with a tribute concert on the American cemetery in Margraten.     

Liberation Festival Limburg - Roermond

On 5 May, when the Dutch celebrate their liberation, festivals are held throughout the country. The Market of Roermond also pays tribute to freedom with music.

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