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The weather in Holland

Holland, with its long North Sea coast, has a typically moderate marine climate. The sea’s influence ensures that we are not too cold during winter, not too hot during summer, and there is always sufficient moisture in the air for a shower. So if you plan to visit Holland, it would be wise to keep this in mind. Put the right clothing in your suitcase so you are covered if there’s an afternoon rainfall and make sure you always have a critical opinion about the weather... Just like the Dutch do! 

Let's talk about the Dutch weather

Typically Dutch weather?

Above all, the Dutch weather is unpredictable.

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What clothes to pack for a holiday in Holland.

Dutch skies

The Dutch skies have inspired many painters.

Average temperature in Holland

The four seasons in Holland

Yellow tulips blue sky

Celebrate Dutch spring at home

Beaches, flower-bulb fields and royal feasts: Holland celebrates spring outdoors!

10x summer in Holland

Vibrant festivals, royal art, canal tours and picnics: enjoy the summer in Holland!

10x autumn in Holland

Autumn is a great season to discover Holland. Enjoy an gourmet weekend in Haarlem or Breda, try out new flavours in the Rotterdam food market

Holland Winter Wonderland

Discover Holland in winter! From Christmas shopping and Christmas markets to strolls on the beach and ice skating.

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