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National Landscape Noordoost-Twente

Forests, streams and farms dominate the Noordoost-Twente National Landscape. This landscape is found in the eastern part of the Netherlands, just above the city of Enschede, and borders neighboring Germany. Dozens of estates, country houses and water mills are hidden in the green countryside. Cyclists and walkers are well-served in this part of Twente and can safely make use of an extensive road network, since motorized traffic is banned in some parts.

  • Find peace and quiet in National Landscape Noordoost-Twente.
  • Cycle or hike one of the countless routes in this beautiful region.
  • Admire the lush surroundings of Springendal.

The garden of the Netherlands

The eastern part of the country is a hilly area, so you have to make a small climb occasionally. The hills are moraines created by the last ice age, and are responsible this atypical landscape. If you watch carefully while touring, you will undoubtedly spot frogs, vipers, hobbies, hen harriers, great grey shrikes and purple moor grass. The most unusual flora are found in the swampy stream valleys and bogs where the peat is now five meters thick.

Springendal is one of the highlights in the landscape of Noordoost-Twente. The area is so lush that it is also known as "the garden of the Netherlands". The walk takes about one and a half hours and leads you along all the trees, ponds, streams, small waterfalls, corn fields and wooded pastures.

Family vacation in the East

Every year De Denekamp, De Lutte, Losser, Oostmarsum, Tubbergen and Weerselo are filled with families enjoying a cycling vacation in the Noordoost-Twente National Landscape. The cycling, hiking and horseback riding trails facilitate trips ranging from only a few kilometers in length up to 40 kilometers. You can pick a challenge as big or as small you can handle. Along the trails and at many of the historical monuments, there are pancake restaurants and even ice cream vendors in the summer. You will have earned a treat for you and your family, being active in the countryside of Twente.

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