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Natural area Green Heart - The Rijnstreek

The Green Heart is a natural area surrounded by the Randstad (The Hague, Rotterdam, Utrecht and Amsterdam). The area consists of a series of landscapes, water and cities. The Green Heart can be subdivided into several areas, each with its own character, such as the Rijnstreek.

  • Peaceful nature near the city.
  • Various activities for children.
  • Enjoy a hike or bike tour.
The Rijnstreek is situated in a busy urban area stretching out from Alphen aan den Rijn to Leidschendam in the West. Yet, there are plenty of gems to be found for nature lovers. Just like the rest of the Green Heart, the Rijnstreek consists of meadows, ditches, reed, cropped willows and windmills.

Walk along the mills

One moment you are in the city and the next moment you are in a nature reserve. The different areas of the Rijnstreek are intertwined that much. The nature is characterized by meadow landscapes, laid out in a pattern of long strips due to peat harvest. Between the agricultural fields there are small nature areas where birds can really thrive.

De Wilck is the area of the godwit and lapwing. Westeinde offers grassland full of birds and flowers, and the Noord Aa is a wonderful place for children to play. You can approach these areas from different locations in the Randstad and there are plenty of walks and trails to follow. The local tourist office (VVV) can provide maps to lead you along nature, and help you view windmills and other sights.

City and nature day trip

The Rijnstreek in the Groene Hart is completely surrounded by urban areas, making it very easy to  enjoy nature in the morning and to return to the city in the afternoon. There are plenty of activities for you and the kids. You can go to the Avifauna Bird Park or relive prehistoric, Roman and Medieval times in Archeon, or go for a day of water fun at Wet 'n Wild.

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