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The Hoeksche Waard National Landscape

The polder area Hoeksche Waard lies in the shadow of the city and the port of Rotterdam. Unlike the high-rise and skyscrapers of Rotterdam, this area offers great views that are only interrupted by a dike or a grove of trees. Here you can escape the city to relax and enjoy nothing but silence.
Zalmpad 11
3261KP Oud Beijerland
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The Polders of the Hoeksche Waard

The Meuse River has contributed to the reclamation of the Hoeksche Waard. Every time the river had deposited enough sediment, the people started reclaiming a new area (an activity called "inpolderen"). Every piece of agricultural land was given a new dike, and locks and canals were constructed to let the water in and out. Each time a new area was reclaimed, a new village center sprang up on the dike.

The landscape consists mainly of fields and some moors, creeks and small forests. Yet the area has a wealth of animals, such as the mole, weasel, stoat and polecat. In the sky, the serotine bat and the pipistrelle bat can be seen. This is also the nesting ground of the reed warbler, great crested grebe, coot, pheasant, chiffchaff, willow warbler, wild duck, robin and wren. In the waters, you will find the green and brown frogs, toads, freshwater scorpions and other small aquatic animals.

Activities in Hoeksche Waard

Cyclists can spend hours cycling through the flat landscape, canoeists can explore nature using the meandering streams and canals, and hikers can join excursions or combine a visit to the Hoeksche Waard ​​with the nature island Tiengemeten. The visitor center in Old Beijerland, the largest town in Hoeksche Waard, can tell you everything about accommodations, restaurants, tours and excursions.

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