Beautifully presented plate at De Kas Amsterdam
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The 15 Michelin Green Star restaurants of the Netherlands

Enjoying good food can be an amazing experience. When your meal is not only delicious but has also been prepared with a focus on sustainability, that experience becomes even more profound! So make a green choice and dine at one of the following 15 restaurants that have been awarded a Michelin Green Star.

1. De Librije, Zwolle

Jonny and Thérèse Boer's out of this world culinary talents have recognized for years. They collaborate with local farmers and use vegetables from their own garden and greenhouse. At De Librije, the love of food is ubiquitous and is evident in every aspect and ingredient of your meal: from the handpicked mushrooms to the self-caught fish.

2. Bolenius, Amsterdam

The Amsterdam Zuidas area also boasts a beautiful bounty from a vegetable garden. Luc Kusters’ restaurant is the flagship of Dutch Cuisine, a culinary movement that promotes Dutch cuisine and gastronomic culture. The vegetables at Bolenius are renowned far beyond the Dutch border.

3. Rotonde, Rotterdam

Innovative dishes with local ingredients, such as vegetables, grains, fruit and mushrooms – at the Rotonde restaurant, these ingredients are prepared as natural as possible, so that the flavours really come into their own. In combination with natural wine and unknown ingredients, this creates a surprising and overwhelming taste experience.

4. De Kas, Amsterdam

Sometimes the name says it all! Restaurant De Kas (the Greenhouse) grows approximately 300 kinds of vegetables, herbs, and fruits in its own greenhouse. Jos Timmer is true to the plant-to-plate philosophy and serves fresh produce that was handpicked that very morning.

5. Lokaal, Doetinchem

Completing the circle is Bjorn Massop's ultimate goal at restaurant Lokaal (only in Dutch). He follows the farm-to-plate philosophy and uses as many locally sourced ingredients as possible. So much so, that even the serving platters were once trees in the local forest.

6. Morille, Koudekerke

If you love seasonal food, Morille is the restaurant to be. They only work with local and sustainable ingredients from their own vegetable garden and from nature. The menu consists of no less than 14 botanical creations and occasionally they serve an honest piece of fish, meat or game. Dining here means you can be sure that you will be served something special!

7. De Nieuwe Winkel, Nijmegen

Emile van der Staak is synonymous with botanical gastronomy. He selects the plants for his latest dishes as he wanders through the food forest. After all, the origin of the food is just as important as its taste, according to the idealists at De Nieuwe Winkel.

8. ONE, Roermond

Menus printed on paper made from tomato fiber and organic table linens: Restaurant ONE understands the true meaning of sustainability. In a rustic yet tastefully designed former factory building, Edwin Soumang serves adventurous dishes prepared with vegetables from their own garden.

9. Flore, Amsterdam

At the intimate Flore restaurant, it's all about fresh ingredients and pure flavours. Bas van Kranen and Wouter Denessen take you on a culinary journey: they call it 'conscious fine dining' which means you enjoy simple but extraordinary seasonal dishes.

10. De Dyck, Woubrugge

If you are looking for a modern top-quality restaurant with a unique ambience, then Restaurant de Dyck is a must. Chef Martijn Koeleman prepares sustainable dishes with his own vegetables, herbs and fruit. The vegetable garden menu is even completely vegetarian! You also have a beautiful view of the polder and the old barn.

11. Héron, Utrecht

Héron Petit Restaurant (only in Dutch) serves pure and honest meals. Joyce Bielderman and Victor Stukker raise awareness through their sustainable approach. Their philosophy: use every part of the animal, get fruit and vegetables locally and let nature be your guide. They personally handpick items on the menu in the wild or at a food forest.

12. Triptyque, Wateringen

Local and regional ingredients with an emphasis on vegetables, that is restaurant Triptyque (only in Dutch) in a nutshell. 'Vegetable chef' Niven Kunz is the founder of the 80/20 formula: 80 percent of the food on the plate is vegetables and the remaining 20 percent is meat or fish. All the vegetables are grown in the Westland region, which is where the restaurant is located, so the food here is as fresh as can be.

13. Aan Sjuuteeänjd, Schinnen

Organic produce rules at Aan Sjuuteeänjd restaurant (aka Sjuut, to keep it simple). Jean Thoma prepares delicious local dishes using heirloom vegetables from their own garden. Sustainability in all areas is of paramount importance here at Aan Sjuuteeänjd (only in Dutch).

14. Hof aan Zee, Koudekerke

At Hof Aan Zee you can feast on local ingredients that match the season. Their dishes are completely "Zeeuws Nordic" and are served in a historic Scandinavian farmhouse. The ambience is nice and welcoming, so sit back and enjoy!

15. Het Seminar, Zinderen

Self-sufficient and idealistic: these are the distinctive features of Het Seminar (only in Dutch) restaurant. Nose-to-tail cooking is the rule of thumb here. Jelle Wagenaar informs guests about the seasonality of products and cooks without a menu using only products that are available at the time.

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