Photo: Pieter de Hooch, A Mothers Duty, © Rijksmuseum Amsterdam

Pieter de Hooch in Delft, Out From Vermeer’s Shadow

11 Oct - 16 Feb, Delft

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Pieter de Hooch was one of the greatest artists from the Golden Age. After Johannes Vermeer, he is considered the most famous 17th century master from Delft. His world famous paintings in the various museums draw huge crowds.

  • Follow the development of Pieter de Hooch.
  • Get a glimpse of 17th century life in Delft.
  • Museum het Prinsenhof was once the residence of William of Orange.

Pieter de Hooch in Delft

In the period that the art of painting grew and flourished locally, Pieter de Hooch benefited from developments in the application of perspective and light. Initially, he mainly painted soldier tableaus but as he evolved, he was inspired by his surroundings. This resulted in a number of beautiful works revolving around Delft. His work offers a glimpse of day to day life in Delft homes and inner courtyards. Enjoy the views of these paintings and the use of colour, light and perspective.


The exhibition shows how the work of De Hooch evolved. There are a number of kortegaerdjes (soldier tableaus) from his early years in Delft. You will also see a number of portraits, including his self-portrait. This is supplemented with works from his later period in Amsterdam and several paintings by his contemporaries. Taken together, the work on display offers a special glimpse of De Hooch’s life in Delft.

More Golden Age in Delft

In addition to Vermeer and De Hooch, Delft is primarily known as the residence of the Father of the Nation, William of Orange, who lived in what today is the Museum Prinsenhof Delft.

The fascinating past of Delft can still be seen in the historic city center. After you stroll through the center, why not visit Royal Delft, which is the only Delft Blue pottery factory remaining from the 17th century. It still produces the world famous Delft Blue pottery. 

Spend the night nearby

Enjoy a few days in the Haaglanden area and visit both Delft and The Hague. Spend the night in or near Delft or opt for an accommodation on the coast to enjoy a relaxed weekend!

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